What it is.

It is an operation structure that uses the Internet as a communication channel.
It is a tool for selection of supply and demand, which allows you to:

  1.   Choose between several proposals for services for the same request with predefined characteristics.
  2.   Highlight requests and offers.
  3.   Accelerating response times.
  4.   Monitor prices.
  5.   Setting appropriate estimates.


It is a source of information on services and instruments of transportation, logistics and shipping.

Who can serve

Who needs to handle or ship goods and products from one point to another (producers, brokers,   buyers, etc..) For individual shipments or their tenders.
Who carries on business logistics or shipping (carriers, freight forwarders, consolidators, couriers, railways, shipping companies etc..).
Who produces resources and tools for the transport and storage of goods, making their own solutions.


How it works.

Through the Internet and subscribing to the site.

Subscribers may:

  1. Interact from anywhere.
  2. Send requests and check the offers received from suppliers.
  3. Select customers requests and submit your offers.

The members have no limits:

  • Connection time.
  • Interaction with other subscribers.
  • Added news about its activities, services and solutions offered

For more information,, you can write to

We expect in our group, subscribe.